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Life-Path number is probably the most influential numerological aspect to be considered. This number is determined by your birth date and represents who you are at this time. It indicates specific traits that are present and will likely be active and influential throughout your lifetime.

Numerology Profile: One

As a ONE, your life purpose may well be to attain true independence. Learning to stand on your own two feet and to allow your own uniqueness to flourish will be of utmost important. Life circumstances whereby you find you’re dependent on others in any capacity will prove very unsatisfying and dismal. Many ONE’S struggle through many years of life to achieve the ideal environment. A follower you will never be – at least not comfortably! Throughout your life, working towards this independence will likely be your top focus. Recognizing this can help you to achieve greater satisfaction and bring you towards the truest nature of a ONE. Once true independence is attained, the next natural step for you as a ONE is leadership. Many corporate leaders, Generals and political leaders are those with a Life-Path number ONE. Once the sense of freedom to lead and direct with your unique means is attained, innovation and creativity will flourish. Faith and trust in yourself and your abilities will allow you to lead with passion and certainty. Others will learn from you and be willing to take direction. Tempered with patience and the courage to promote your ideas, your brand of leadership will provide much for those who follow.

Numerology Profile: Two

As a TWO, you’re likely to be extremely sensitive and care deeply for others. You like to see the best in others and want the best for them. As long as you take care to protect yourself against deceit and equally want the best for yourself, your life is likely to be one of enhancing the lives of others. Trust your instincts where others are concerned and check things out if you have any feelings that are unsettling. Better safe than sorry. In a crisis, you’re the one to have around as your sound judgement and stable nature will handle most anything. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself the local mediator for most everyone. You (and others) will recognize that you can be unbiased in even the most complicated scenarios. This passion for others can lead to difficulty for you in saying ‘no’ even when this is what you truly feel. You may have to work at balancing your counseling and mediation demands with adequate time for yourself and your own troubles as they arise.

Numerology Profile: Three

Enjoying the company of like minded creative people is likely to be on your top ten list of pleasures. THREE’S are genuinely warm and friendly. They make excellent friends by sharing interesting information and by actively listening. Entertaining in your home comes readily for most THREE’S as you can make everyone feel at home. With such a sunny disposition and openhearted approach, others will naturally seek out your hospitality. Key words for a THREE Life-Path number are expression, verbalization, socialization, the joy of living, the arts and travel. As a THREE, you’re likely to be an entertainer either formally or within your social circle. You’re one of the effervescent, sparkling people in the world with an eternal optimism. Things will rarely get a THREE down. Setbacks will be just a part of the overall scheme of things and won’t keep you from feeling positive. This exuberant demeanor and love of life can take a THREE to great lengths when creative expression is developed.

Numerology Profile: Four

Those with a FOUR Life-Path are generally the most trustworthy, practical and down-to-earth people there are. Organization and planning will come easily. Once a FOUR sets their mind to something, hell will freeze over before they leave it unfinished. Key qualities for a FOUR Life-Path number are order, service, steady growth, a foundation and struggle against limits. It is common for others to misunderstand a FOUR – especially when it comes to your tenacity. A FOUR can have the kind of willpower that is limitless. At times, you can appear obsessive and unyielding – even when you’re wrong. While a FOUR makes an excellent business partner, friendships are another story. These will likely be limited, however, once formed you will be a loyal and dedicated friend for life. People know they can depend on you once you’ve made a commitment to them in both your work and personal life.

Numerology Profile: Five

Those with a FIVE Life-Path are usually very versatile and progressive. Freedom and independence are of the utmost importance. As a FIVE, you will want to go about life completely unrestrained and will abhor routine. Your need for stimuli and adventure won’t tolerate repetitive and ‘boring’ work. Key qualities for a FIVE Life-Path number are social, expansiveness, visionary, adventure, the constructive use of freedom. It is common for FIVE’S to be multi-talented. However, it is just as common for there to be confusion over your direction and ambition. There may be a need for some strict planning on the FIVE’S part to allow for the expression of themselves. You’ll have no trouble motivating others as an excellent communicator, however meeting deadlines will not be a strong suit for you as a FIVE. This would be too restraining.

Numerology Profile: Six

Those with a SIX Life-Path are usually very versatile and can communicate across any generation gap. SIXES are idealistic and usually recognize that wisdom, understanding and balance are the cornerstones to assume responsibility in the best possible way. It is common for SIXES to be devoted to their families and homes. This is usually the first priority for a SIX with helping the community coming a close second. Key qualities/words for a SIX Life-Path are responsibility, protection, nurturing, community, balance, sympathy and family. It can also be common for a SIX personality to assume far more responsibility than what’s necessary. At times this can leave you drained and exhausted. Other areas that may require development for a SIX are a tendency towards exaggeration, over expansion or self-righteousness. While you will almost always mean well as a SIX, behaviors such as meddling or interfering (especially in family matters) will likely lead to troubles.

Numerology Profile: Seven

Those with a SEVEN Life-Path are usually peaceful and affectionate. You may not have many friends as a SEVEN, but the ones you do have will be for life. You’re a compassionate and caring friend. As a SEVEN, you will likely be able to sense deception from others quickly and you’re not likely to be wrong. A balance between time with others and private time taken to be alone with your thoughts and dreams is essential. It is common for SEVENS to be seen as aloof due to their selective socializing and required time alone. If the truth be told, many SEVENS feel a sense of insecurity. This may be because much of a SEVENS ‘reality’ is not tangible. You will rely heavily on instincts and intuition. At times this insecurity can lead to pessimism or loneliness. Mood swings are also not uncommon.

Numerology Profile: Eight

EIGHT personalities tend to be independent, competitive, practical and forceful when it’s necessary. Managing business, yourself and your environment will all come fairly easy. With an EIGHT Life-Path you are endowed with tremendous potential for conceiving far reaching ideas and further, with the tenacity to follow through on them. Key qualities/words for an EIGHT Life-Path are practical endeavors, status orientated, power seeking and high material goals. It is common for EIGHTS to find they have little or no time for dreams and visions. They are more likely to be concerned with the down to earth affairs that are going on. This can add strain to relationships if others aren’t aware or accepting of your nature. An EIGHT can also become so preoccupied with the making of money that the family, the home and their own peace of mind becomes neglected. Taking appropriate time to allow for all things that are important can be a challenge but is also vital to the happiness of an EIGHT.

Numerology Profile: Nine

NINE personalities tend to be trustworthy and honorable. A NINE harbors no prejudice and feels deeply for those who are less fortunate. You will help out others in any way you possibly can as a NINE as you are driven by the desire to make things better. With such intensity of emotion, it is common for NINES to find expressive outlets through artistic and literary fields. Engaging in these activities lend strength and balance to the NINE’S emotional well being. Further, social activities are also extremely important. NINES tend to be well liked and have many friends. Taking time out for laughter is essential for those that throw themselves into the realm of misfortune in a helping capacity. Key words/qualities associated with a NINE Life-Path are humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, obligations and creative expression.

Numerology Profile: Eleven

ELEVENS tend to be very interesting people with much to offer those around them. They are intuitive, avant-garde, idealistic and cultured – extremely so. They are the visionaries. It’s common to find an ELEVEN looking for understanding in life’s mysteries. Their interests will be many. Socially, connections with others are highly developed. ELEVENS bring much to the topic of conversation and are excellent listeners. An ELEVEN will expect much from themselves and from others. At times this can make them difficult to deal with. It’s common for this Life-Path to have a lot of nervous tension. There can be mood swings and challenges with focus on ambition. At times actions can be impractical, as an ELEVEN is more of a dreamer than a doer. Key words/qualities associated with an ELEVEN Life-Path are higher spiritual plane, intuitive, illumination, idealistic and a dreamer.

Numerology Profile: Twenty Two

TWENTY-TWOS are endowed with many powers and can reach most any height. They are often referred to as the ‘Master Builders’ as the efforts of people with this Life-Path are almost always enjoyed by all. TWENTY-TWOS are movers and shakers. They’re the leaders and role models in our society.

An education is almost always an essential tool for the TWENTY-TWO to fully realize their potential. Armed with this, there are no limits to what will be created. While idealistic, these personalities are grounded in practicality. Not only is there great understanding of most things, the ability to apply this knowledge in a useful way is predominant. Key words/qualities associated with a TWENTY-TWO Life-Path are large endeavors, powerful force leadership and the master builder.


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