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Astrological Meaning of Days

    • Astrological Meaning of Days

    • Monday : The Moon Monday is a moon day, and so we are dealing with emotions, moods, intuition and the shadowy side of life. Many people report Monday as the most challenging day of the week. It’s no wonder, as the moon carries with it erratic and sometimes unpredictable energy. We can counteract fast fluctuations in lunar energy by taking note of the phase of the moon every Monday. This lets our logical mind know “where we stand” in a metaphorical sense Best tasks for Mondays: Meditation, dream analysis, quiet time, personal indulgence, rest, relaxation, sleep.
    • Tuesday : Mars Mars is an aggressive planet. In fact, its namesake in Greek myth was the god of war. Tuesday is a driving force in the workweek, and will auger a sense of productivity, competition, effectiveness, determination and completion. With these kinds of energies in the forefront, Tuesday is the perfect day for finishing long overdue tasks. Conversely, Tuesday is also a great day to start new projects. Best tasks for Tuesdays: Building strategies at work and in career, acting on new ideas, starting new projects, cleaning out clutter, exercising, finishing to-do lists or catching up.
    • Wednesday : Mercury Mercury is the messenger of the heavens. It facilitates clear communication, and carries new information to our awareness in extremely precise and effective ways. Mercury also augers higher perception too. I love the synchronicity of Wednesday landing in the middle of the week because it gives a pervasive sense of connectivity. In a way, Wednesday is the vital communications link to all other days – it’s like the network server of the week (to use computer terms). Best tasks for Wednesdays: Communication of course! Catch up on emails, thank you notes, letters, phone calls, etc. Wednesday is a good day to sign contracts (that is, if Mercury is not in a retrograde) too. Mercury is also a beneficent energy for short travel, so plan your day trips accordingly.
    • Thursday : Jupiter A national survey of North American companies concludes Thursday is the most productive day of the week in business. It’s no wonder, as Jupiter has a way of lighting a fire under us and getting us moving. Jupiter is the planet of enterprise and expansion. It’s also an extremely optimistic planetary energy that can be felt all through the day on Thursdays when we tune into it. Best tasks for Thursdays include: Socializing, networking, marketing. Working with financial tasks such as the stock market or even checkbook balancing will lead to positive results in the long term when done on Thursdays while ruminating in Jupiter energy.
    • Friday : Venus We all know Venus energy, and when it comes to the symbolic meaning of days, Venus is a highly appropriate vibe for Friday, the traditional end-of-the-workweek day. Venus is about love, connection, belonging, comfort, sensuality and passion. If you think about it, the majority people who have traditional Monday – Friday workweeks tend let their hair down and really celebrate on Fridays (points for kicking off the weekend too). Friday is an all-around-feel-good day, replete with the energy of friendliness and kindness. Interestingly, Friday is also the most popular (romantic) date night too. Best tasks and events for Fridays include: Romance, romance, romance! Did I mention romance? Fridays are also perfect for expressing your love amidst friends and family. This is a great day for pleasure and appreciation, so trips to places that make you feel indulged, luxurious or pampered are good too (like a spa, salon, the movies, a jewelry store).
    • Saturday : Saturn Saturn can be a stern energy and a real taskmaster too. This makes Saturday one of the most advantageous days of week because opportunity for productivity and completing tasks is optimal. Unlike Thursday/Jupiter however, Saturn isn’t as jovial when working to get a job done. In fact, Saturdays are best put to use when we thoroughly plan for prevention. Preparing for the week ahead on Saturday will align our Saturn energies and bring about satisfactory results for each consecutive day in the week. Best tasks for Saturday: Housework, preparation for upcoming events, academic tasks like studying and homework, catching up on a backlog of work.
    • Sunday : The Sun Notorious throughout time and cultures as being a day of rest, the sun shines brightly on our Sundays with clarity, vitality and a sense of well being. This day is optimal for soaking up some social-warmth by being with family, friends and neighbors. It’s also a perfect day to catch up on our rest and relaxation. The sun is all about radiance, sharing, expressing, expanding, illumination and growth. The sun is also about provision, as it insures the continuation of life as we know it. Therefore, the best tasks for Sunday include: Rest, relaxing, having fun with loved ones, gardening, grocery shopping, cooking and worship for the purpose of illumination.