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Astrology Introduction: What You Need To Know

What’s your astrological sign. Everyone knows what his or her sign is. Even if you’re not a believer that the position of the planets at the exact time of your birth is an indicator of your personality and can determine events that happen to your throughout your lifetime, you’ve certainly met someone who does believe. At the very least, it’s harmless club conversation, a way to get to know someone. But is there something to it. Are horoscopes just hocus pocus. Or do they truly predict the course of events in your life.

Astrology is one of the earliest sciences known to human history. There are astrological records that originated in Babylon in 1645 BCE. Other cultures, such as Egyptian and Greek developed timekeeping and calendar methodologies. From the time man began to observe and track the world around him, he’s also contemplated his own relationship to the earth, stars, planets and elements around him. Astrology may have one way that earliest civilizations helped define their place in the cosmos. They perceived it as being greater than themselves; not something to be conquered, but to be understood.

While in modern times astrology is seen as new age and not as credible as sciences like astrophysics or chemistry, at one time it was as credible a science as any other. Astronomers like Galileo and Copernicus were also practicing astrologers. With the evolution of more quantitative sciences, astrology’s influence and position began to diminish. It enjoyed a resurgence in the 1930’s with the birth of England’s Princess Margaret. The London Sunday-Express ran her astrological profile, and that event was the origin of the modern daily horoscope in the newspapers.

Everyone who’s read a really good astrological profile of himself has to admit there are some uncanny coincidences.  Can we really pretend we’re so knowledgeable of the universe that we can reject the discipline of astrology. Maybe Shakespeare had something there when he wrote in Hamlet, *There are more things on heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Astrology Articles According to the ancient art of astrology there are particular characteristics to each of the 12 zodiac signs. What attracts one zodiac sign to another, and how are the different zodiac signs compatible. In a relationship, in the bedroom, what does your lover really want? To begin with, think about the glyphs or the symbols of the zodiac signs. Zodiac glyphs are ancient symbols, and should be studied to give a more in-depth knowledge about the nature of each Sun Sign. Those Sun signs born under a sign with the symbol of an animal will have more animal instincts, appetites and be more easily aroused just like their animal kingdom counterparts.

The animal glyphs include: Taurus the bull, Sagittarius the half man half horse, Cancer the crab, Leo the lion, Capricorn the sea goat, Pisces the fish, Scorpio the scorpion and Aries the ram.
Other sun signs Gemini and Virgo, and Aquarius have human symbols. Libra is the only sun sign that is represented by an object, the scales. The Libra’s scales represent the balance of karma, balance, judgment, and fairness. Libra’s are notorious for their inability to make decisions. Those signs that are not represented by animal glyphs have more control over their animal instincts, appetite for life and their sexual drive! The human symbols are: Gemini, it’s represented by the twins; Virgo, this sun sign is represented by the Virgin, and Aquarius is represented by the water bearer. They are less spontaneous than the animal signs. Thinking things through more thoroughly, rather than acting on instinct. So how you experience love, affection, and your approach to sex is as unique as the sun sign you were born under.

Aries Female: Being a cardinal sign there is no shyness here. They step into a situation and dominate it…even sexually. This is the female who wants what she wants when she wants it. They don’t like to be told “honey not here…my parents are eating in the next room…”or “can’t you wait till we get out of the car.” Their ruling planet Mars can’t wait for anything.

Aries Male: This is the guy who walks right up to you at a club… and somehow you find yourself leaving with him. He talks fast and by the way does everything FAST! Aries men are the ultimate hunter-pursuers! But, wait, if you turn the tables around and start calling them and start pursuing them… they’ll run away scared! That’s a total turn off for an Aries Male. Even in the bedroom if you get a little frisky on him, he may go limp pretty quickly. They really don’t like to be pursued.

Erogenous Zone: The face and Head!

His favorite Bedtime Fantasy: Meeting someone for the first time and scoring! Already together? Fulfill his fantasy anyways. Meet him at your favorite club, pretend you don’t know him and let him score!

Taurus Female: Even though she’s a female she still ruled by her astrological sign the Bull. The Bull is an animal sign well known for its mating and sexual prowess. Let your imagination fly, she’s sexual, sensual, and also a great listener. In the most intimate moments she likes to be spoken to. The oohhs and aahhs mean a lot to a Taurus female. But, she’s not just randomly listening… no, she’s listening for all the things you might say wrong too! Don’t whisper another woman’s name in your sleep…Taurus is very possessive!

Taurus Male: If you like a Taurus Male… touch him… anywhere just touch him. Let him touch you too… he likes soft very soft things. That’s a big turn on for him. There is a heightened sensitivity in Taurus found in no other sign. From the fingertips all the way down to the…well, you know what I’m getting at. Soft flannel sheets…this guy is about comfort. And by the way you better be pretty soft yourself. FYI… Taurus men are usually very well endowed!

Erogenous Zone: The Neck

His Favorite Bedtime Fantasy: Hickies!

Gemini Female: This female must be flirted with. In the sign of Gemini the nervous system is highly developed (these women can burn out easily) She hears everything and sees everything… don’t you dare try to catch a glimpse of that gal who just walked by; a Gemini female will catch everything. Fast… did I say fast? Fast and immediate she wants what she wants when she wants it.

Gemini Male: the word is young or young looking since the Male twin looks like a Peter Pan Character himself (he never ages!) he looks for young females. He is a total flirt and can yak along side with your chattiest girlfriend. Gemini males are totally turned on by what they see. Most even probably like porno or girlie mags before sex. The eyes and the hands and the mouth are always engaged here. Straight sexual intercourse might not do it for your Gemini man.

EROGENOUS ZONE: Hands and the Arms

Favorite Bedtime fantasy: Direct his hands on your body�that’s a big turn on for him. Or better yet, your hands all over his body…use your imagination!

Cancer Females: Like their animal counterparts the crab, Cancer female never approaches anything or anyone head on. So she appears to be shyer than she really is. At bar she’ll just mosey on up and just stand right next to you. She’ll be more quiet then most but, you’ll definitely know every emotion she feels. Her fav position is side by side. Watch her hands though she’ll have them on you in no time short.

Cancer Males: The make out is probably more important than the actually act which could be on the short side. This sign will need more pampering and gentleness than the other signs. They can be a little emotionally temperamental, and needy. He needs to feel safe and comfortable, so he’ll probably want you to do the domestic thing and cook for him!

Erogenous Zone: Breasts, Lower Chest

Favorite Bedtime Fantasy: to make love in The kitchen!

Leo Females: Leo is the sign of the Lion and the females are as bold and courageous as the males. Leo females are not shy about picking men up! They can be loud and boisterous and need a very self confident man to be with. In the bedroom she wants your undivided attention on her. She romps and plays and makes the bedroom a magical place!

Leo Males: Leo males can be a little lazy in the bedroom. The constant demand to be the center of attention can be draining to most females. So he’s going to look for a specific woman and situation where you do most of the work. They are usually good looking and strong lovers… but, will flip right over and go to sleep afterwards. Again, another sign with good physical characteristics!

Erogenous Zone: The Heart area

Favorite Bedtime Fantasy: Most Leo’s love attention, love to be the center of attention, and most of all love when you his lover, do all the work.

Virgo Females: Virgo is the sign of the virgin you know. Fortunately most Virgo females have a past that no one really knows about. So, they may want to make you believe that they are well, virgins. Virgo is fussy and prissy about cleanliness, and health, and can go from one extreme to the other. Two speeds… Wild or not!

Virgo Males: Hoorah to any woman who gets a Virgo to marry her. They need to be by themselves and kind of like it! Virgo men like really good girls or really bad girls. No, really, really bad girls! You’ll probably find a huge amount of Virgo men in strip clubs! They were sexually repressed in their former lifetimes! This sign likes those two extremes and not from the same woman. You are either his virginal princess or you are his ho. Chose your role and play it.

Erogenous Zone: The behind area!

His Favorite Bedtime Fantasy: Most Virgos are neat freak, even fanatical… his fantasy love making takes place Showering together!

Libra females: Don’t let those dimples fool you! As sweet as she may seem the zodiac sign of Libra is a masculine sign. She wants to be boss in the bedroom, so as nice and mannerly as she appeared before your folks she may end up wearing the pants. If you’ve got millions and are willing to share them this is the girl for you. She’s turned on by social climbing! And, will do anything to get where she’s going… anything?

Libra Males: of all the signs, the one most into role reversals could be Libra males. Prissy, fussy, great manners, but, they like to take orders. For a naughty nite with your favorite Libra, maybe a dominatrix theme would be fun! They dress nice, take good care of the mselves, and know how toconduct themselves in social situations.

Erogenous Zone: Lumbar or lower back

Favorite Bedtime Fantasy: Libra men actually love to be ordered around�get out the whip!

Scorpio Females: A female Scorpio the instinct to pick out from a crowd the person she will be most compatible with sexually, and she usually doesn’t waste time on frivolous relationships. Scorpios already have a reputation for being great lovers and it could be because they choose carefully and not haphazardly. But, be very careful if you are easily hurt and too sensitive. The Art of the Blow off is the domain of Scorpio.

Scorpio Males: He’s magnetic and charismatic without even trying. Smell good and you may just catch a Scorpio… they love to smell their prey! Deep penetrating eyes, and usually a master of sex, he will learn everything there is to know about pleasing his lover. Scorpio males take making love very seriously. Scorpios love sex toys, and will be very interested in those ads to enhance sex and sexual performance. Sex is not a game here, its serious business!

Erogenous Zone: The male sex organ (penis)

Favorite Bedtime Fantasy: Lots of toys and gels!

Sagittarius Females: The strong athletic nature of Sagittarius comes through here. Vigorous, a romp with her is an all out athletic event. Up, down never just one position all of them all night. This sign has a strong appetite for all things so, feed her first!

Sagittarius Males: well endowed and hung like a horse might describe this Sun sign. If there’s a sign that loves m and leave’s em… it’s Sagittarius. And, he’s checking out every female that comes within 50 feet, but it’s all good! They have such good natured dispositions no one ever gets mad at them for that. This man is just not satisfied with the status quo. Always thinking about and looking for his next conquest. Trading up, better sex, more sex… it’s always on his mind.

Erogenous Zone: The Thighs

Favorite Bedtime Fantasy: The game of Truth or Dare

Capricorn Females: Sexy lady goats always appear more conservative and uptight than they actually are. Her demeanor says “come on I dare you to step up to me”. Boy do most men have a surprise when they do. Female Capricorns sizzle under the sheets. They are just putting on a façade that only attracts the strong virile men! Lesser men are scared away!

Capricorn Males: Many females will overlook this guy and others will just be enticed by his social standing. The fact that he knows everyone, goes to all the right places and probably has money attracts wanna-bes! If you can just get this uptight guy to relax, he really is a great lover. Some Capricorns are so impressed with themselves though that it’s difficult to share or give. They like to be on the receiving end of love making and could bore or tire out their lover.

Erogenous Zone: The Knees

Favorite Bedtime Fantasy: Sit on his lap

Aquarian females: If you look a little weird you’ll attract an Aquarian female. She likes her men a little odd or weird looking and purple hair and dread looks doesn’t faze her. She likes spontaneous combustion, so the mile high club might be something she’d be into.

Aquarian males: Wild and anything goes here. Every Aquarian has a bit of the exhibitionist in him! But, he’s such a friendly guy that anything he suggests sounds like fun! He could make anything sound normal while not coming off as being too persuasive. Even if he hasn’t tried a threesome he has thought long and hard about it. Nothing is out of bounds here, and nothing shocks or surprises him either. So if you are looking for the ultimate in fun and kinkiness Aquarius is your guy!

Erogenous Zone: Calves and the ankles

Favorite Bedtime Fantasy: The sign mostly likely to be an exhibitionist is Aquarius. His fantasy more than likely is to make love in a car where he could be caught with his pants down!

Pisces females: If you are a good talker you could probably talk a Pisces into just about anything. Not that they are gullible, oh no, just easily influenced. Get them to relax, a little wine, candlelight, and romantic music Is all it takes for the Fish? They scare very easily though, so don’t come on the strong.

Pisces Males: Many con artists are born under this sign. Very smooth talkers they can just talk themselves in and out of ladies bedrooms. They know just what to say, how to say it and when to say it. They are pros at getting what they want and they are equally great at disappearing and reappearing when the mood suits them. Did I say love em and leave em? It may be worth it because he can make anyone feel like they are at the center of the universe!

Erogenous Zone: The Feet

Favorite Bedtime fantasy: Making love near a secluded beach by the ocean! He loves to be near other fish!