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Dark Goddess

Dark Goddess

The dark goddess welcomes you to her twilight world. The name of the site Darkstar, as an oxymoron, describes my approach to astrology and life in general. The path to illumination often necessitates having to pass through some very dark chapters in our lives; these are often as a result of a hard Pluto transit to one of our personal planets or angles. We all get them, but it helps to have a map and a torch. Cue Astrology.

The cycles of the moon are integral to our daily lives, as are the cycles of the pagan seasons. Older cultures in tune with the earth, respected these cycles. Rebirth takes place at the New Moon and the northern spring equinox. The dark stage is necessary to decompose and replenish the earth in preparation for rebirth. It’s unnatural and exhausting to live in an eternal summer. All living beings need hibernation time, just like women need to respect their menstrual cycle and moods. Ups and downs are normal. Unfortunately expressing wild and raw emotions are deemed to be unacceptable in current society and are often levelled out via pharmaceuticals or suppressed with alcohol or illegal drugs.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars…”- Og Mandino

The Moon Phase Cycle

It was the ancient astrologers observations of the moon across the constellations that enabled them to make their predictions. You cannot stargaze in sunlight obviously. In sidereal astrology the Moon is placed above the Sun in importance, the moon is the closest planetary body to earth after all.

Which brings me to dark goddess Lilith! Black Moon Lilith is the position of the Moons apogee when the Moon is furthest away from the earth. The moon is bigger and brighter when it is closest to the earth. These are known as “super moons”. The apogee is more like super elusive. By being further away from the earth, she is reflecting less solar energy back to earth. The Black Moon is aptly named then, representing the darkest, bleakest, but potentially the most magical Moon phase. Black Moon, like Hekate the witch, is the threshold between worlds.

Dark Goddess Subjects

Lunations. I write a Full and New moon report every two weeks which looks at the closest aspects to the Moon, it’s fixed stars and any important asteroids it is tightly conjunct with. I value comments about how the moon is effecting oneself personally and discussions about any synchronicity with mundane events in Moon Phases.

Darkstars. Some of the fixed stars have a terrible reputation. These tend to be the most magical and occult stars that Christianity distrusted. I wanted to look into them deeper and see whether we have reason to fear them. What I found was just like Neptune and Pluto can do real damage from within a disturbed soul, then so can these powerfull dark goddess stars. They should be regarded as spiritual scalpels, which can kill, or cure. The Lilith star Algol.

Pluto & Psychopaths. Pluto is the transiting version of a dark moon. It is the dark goddess Persephone’s decent into the underworld. This is when we can have breakdowns or suffer an episode of depression. Pluto transits can feel like hell on earth if we try to resist them. But they are ultimately the most empowering transit you can ever have in your life. Persephone eventually became Queen after all:  Psychopath Astrology.

Serpent Wisdom. Empowering women is Lilith’s mission. Lilith’s snake is about enlightenment through the Kundalini experience, but we mustn’t forget the serpent is also a universal symbol for wisdom. Occult means, “that which is hidden”, but it has been demonised. There is a lot of conspiracy and misinformation: Mystery.

The 8th House. I find this house fascinating. Where else would you find sex, death, obsession and the taboo? It is the underworld of the horoscope and corresponds to the autumn equinox, the season of Halloween and where the veils between the dimensions are thinnest. Of course I’m going to write about it, I have Mercury here natally! Exploring sexuality is one of the ways we link to this house: Taboo.